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We meet for dinner beforehand (at 5:00) at Angelo’s in the banquet room (ask for Eastside RWA). If you would like to join us for dinner, please email dana@danadelamar.com by Monday, 1/12. For more information about dinner, see "Dinner Details" below.

Merien Grey -- Hardwired for Hot
Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 7pm 
Angelo's Restaurant, 1830 130th Ave NE, Bellevue, 98005, 425.883.2777 


The science behind what people instinctively find attractive in the opposite sex and why. Why do we choose the mates we do? Is it hardwired instinct, cultural conditioning or something else entirely? And how can you use this knowledge in your writing?

Ever wonder why, we as humans, find the things we do attractive? There are biological reasons we enjoy sex but what about before we get to that part? As humans, we are hardwired to find certain things "hot". This workshop examines the newest innovative theory behind what determines what we find attractive and why. It will cover what catches our eye in the first place and why we immediately have the urge to leave or stay. There will be an extensive list of traits and mannerisms the average human female instinctually finds hot, with scientific explanations why. The material is based on cutting edge anthropological, biological and sociological concepts that are beginning to unravel the mysteries of initial human attraction.


Merien Grey is always into something and curious about nearly everything. She has degrees in Anthropology, Sociology, English and Communications Technology. She spent eleven years traveling the world as a military intelligence analyst learning and observing all manner of people and their behavior. Before becoming an author and speaker, her occupations ranged from bartender to infrared security system specialist to many years as a 911 operator. She currently lives in the shadow of Mount Rainier with her husband, two dogs and a kindergartner who rules the land with an iron hand at least until bedtime. You can visit her at http://meriengrey.com.

  • Do not feel obligated to buy dinner at the restaurant. However, since the restaurant is giving us the space for free, it would be nice of us to have dinner there when feasible (no pressure though; we know some folks don't have the time or have budgets to stick to).
  • The restaurant can accommodate gluten-free or other special dietary requests; just ask the server. 
  • If you can't make it at 5:00 for dinner, you can still order dinner if you get there later; just please be there to place your order by 6:40ish so that we don't interrupt our speaker.
We'd love to see you there! :)

Jodi Ashland
Eastside RWA President

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