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About Us

We Are Eastside Romance Writers!

Are you an aspiring or published author who’s looking for a group of like-minded folks? If so, Eastside Romance Writers Association has what you’re looking for. Formed in 1992 by Darcy Carson, Eastside RWA® is a Romance Writers of America® affiliated chapter that serves the Eastside of the Seattle area (Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland, and so on).

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, from 7-9 pm. Chapter meetings are cozy and interactive, and we host vibrant, relevant workshops for writers at all stages of their careers. To that end, we bring in industry speakers, talk about the trade, exchange tips, make it easy to form critique groups, facilitate making contacts, and do our best to make sure our writers have a good time while building their careers. We also have dinner before each meeting so members can socialize with each other and our monthly speaker.

Come check us out! You can attend two meetings for free before we ask you to join.

Eastside RWA was recently featured in 425 Magazine!

Our members write in many genres with the goal of becoming career authors. Romantic genres include and are not limited to contemporary, historical, fantasy, paranormal, suspense, mystery, post-apocalyptic, sweet, edgy, dark, erotic, humorous, and many more. 

Examples of past and present published members

Susan Mallery - #1 NYT best-selling author (traditional)
Crista McHugh - NYT and USA Today best-selling author (traditional and Indie) 
Elizabeth Boyle - NYT best-selling author (traditional) 
Cherry Adair - NYT best-selling author (traditional and Indie)
Jami Davenport - USA Today best-selling author (traditional and indie)
Tess Thompson
 - USA Today best-selling author (traditional and indie)
Jane Porter - NYT and USA Today best-selling author (traditional) 
Ann Charles - USA Today best-selling author (indie)
Danielle Monsch - USA Today best-selling author (indie)
Amy Raby - USA Today best-selling author (traditional)

Gerri Russell - Award-winning author (traditional and Indie)
Mia Marlowe/Emily Bryan - Best-selling author (traditional) 
Gayle Ann Williams - Award-winning author (traditional and indie)
Laura Navarre/Nikki Navarre - Award-winning author (traditional) 
Marie Tremayne
- Award-winning author (traditional)
Adrianne Lee - traditional and indie
Shannon McKelden - traditional and indie
Serena Robar - traditional and indie
Dana Delamar - Award-winning author (indie)
Kristine Cayne - Award-winning author (indie)
Alex Strong - indie
Jodi Ashland - Award-winning author (indie) 
L.E. Wilson - indie
Sklyar Kade - traditional and indie
Jamie Michele - Award-winning author (traditional) 
Lucy Carol - indie 
Andrea Simonne - Best-selling author (indie)
Christine M. Fairchild - Award-winning author (indie)
Wendy Campbell - indie
Kinley Baker/Kinley Cade - traditional 
Marcella Burnard - traditional
Kelli Estes - traditional 
Samantha Saxon - Award-winning author (traditional)
Julianne Reyer - Best-selling author (indie)
Alexa Darin - Award-winning author (traditional and indie)
Christy Karras - traditional
Wendy Delaney - Award-winning author (traditional and indie)
Sally Brandle
- Award-winning author (traditional)
Darcy Carson - Award-winning author (traditional)
Amy Rench
- traditional
Tanya Grant
- indie

Contact Information

Email the Board at eastsideboard@yahoogroups.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EastsideRWA

To quickly find and follow other members of Eastside RWA who are on Twitter, here's a list: 

Chapter Correspondence:
Eastside RWA
P.O. Box 333
Bellevue, WA 98009

Members of the Board for 2019:

President: Marie Tremayne
Vice President: Tanya Grant
Treasurer: Amy Rench
Secretary: Lucy Carol

Webmistress: Dana Delamar
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